Thank You Veterans!!!

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For all the Veterans, past, present, future and families of Veterans; Thank you. Many people do not realize how hard is not to be home with loves ones because they had a greater calling to serve their country and for all our flag stands.

We would not be able to live in a country that embraces equality, freedom and opportunities if it were not for our Veterans. I know some people may feel this is not true, but look at the other countries in the world, we are in a better situation than most. Many Veterans, support people and families have scarified their lives in one way or another, so that the masses could have a better opportunity to live Free.

I ask all of you out there, please take a moment to thank a Vet and their families for their selfless act of putting all the citizens of this wonderful place we call America first. For those that may ask why the families, because many families have lost time or even the person. Their son, or daughter had decided to sacrifice their comforts of a safe and secure place at home to make sure Americans can still enjoy what we have. We Love and Support You All. Thank you. God Bless You and God Bless America!

Proud Wife of a Marine and all of my other Military Family and Friends – much Love!

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